Skin Rejuvenation


elosplusdermDermatology Associates, P.C. has an effective new tool in the world of skin rejuvenation — the elōs Plus system by Syneron Candela technologies. This multi-use, multi-platform machine means we can offer you the latest and best technology for skin rejuvenation, including   resurfacing, rejuvenation, skin firming, wrinkle treatment and laser hair removal.
When it comes to skin rejuvenation, we recommend the amazing Sublative system. This is not a laser or a light-based technology. It uses radiofrequency waves known as “gentle energy currents” to treat a wide variety of skin concerns — such as loose, lax skin, acne and blemish scars, rough or irregular skin texture, sun damage, mild to moderate wrinkles, and loss of skin radiance. The results it offers are impressive, as is the fact that it does all of this in less than one hour. There is minimal downtime, and it is entirely non-invasive/non-surgical and safe for all skin types.

The radiofrequency waves can deeply penetrate the layers of skin to get the most impressive results and help stimulate the production of new collagen. You end up with the kind of smooth, youthful, glowing skin that used to be available only through more invasive, ablative procedures. Plus, Sublative is considered “intelligent technology.” That means that the machine gives feedback while it is being used, so that the doctor using Sublative can see how the skin layers are being impacted and make sure to direct the treatment where it is needed most.

For skin firming and tightening, Sublime Skin Contouring is our system of choice. By using the combined technologies of radiofrequency waves and infrared light, Sublime is a fast and very effective treatment for collagen production and the improvement of skin tone, texture, and quality in places that suffer from age and time. Areas where Sublime can be used include around the eyes, brows and brow lines, the cheeks, and around the neck. Sublime offers immediate results with virtually no downtime and is a procedure that is safe, effective, and — for most patients — perfectly comfortable to undergo. And it’s safe for most skin types, too.

The Elos system can also help patients who have pigmented lesions on their skin. It can treat larger lesions with SR/SRA Plus technology, or smaller ones thanks to SR/SRA Mini, which allows for more targeted treatment. Hair removal is also an option. In fact, thanks to the dual technology of Elos, hair removal is able to be done for hair of virtually any color or texture, from all skin tones.

To learn more about elos and all the ways it can help improve your skin concerns, call our office today.