Vein Treatments


Unsightly varicose and spider veins are a natural part of aging for many people. They are a common problem for both men and women, normally appearing on the legs and the ankles. These kinds of veins are aesthetically unpleasant, but generally they pose no danger to your well-being or your cardiovascular health. But they look bad, and many people wonder if anything can be done to correct the problem. At Dermatology Associates, P.C., we have an answer for you — the Candela Vbeam Laser treatment.

Healthy veins are a vital part of our body. They carry oxygen to our heart valves in order to keep our blood flowing when and where it is needed. But over time, veins can become weak or suffer some damage. When this happens, blood flow backs up and pools in the veins, resulting in varicose and spider veins. We all know what they look like — swollen, twisted, and very visible lines just below the skin’s surface. Most of the time, they show up in the lower legs and ankles, but they can also appear in other parts of the body.

Different things can cause these veins to appear. The most common risk factors are genetics and heredity, age, pregnancy (varicose veins are a very common issue for some pregnant women), being overweight, lack of regular exercise and movement, and – in some cases – leg trauma. While most of the time they are simple, cosmetic concerns, these kinds of veins can sometimes be painful and cause other problems — such as blood clots and skin ulcers. Painful spider or varicose veins should be discussed with your regular medical doctor, just in case they are an indication of a more serious problem.

If medical problems with your veins have been ruled out, you may simply like to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons – and we can help. Our offices offer the Candela Vbeam laser treatment to correct the appearance of these kinds of veins, and it’s a procedure that is simple, virtually painless, and easily done right in one of our four Massachusetts offices.

The way that it works is easy to explain. Laser vein therapy sends pulses of light straight into the problem vein, which causes scar tissue to form. While scar tissue is not normally considered a good thing — in fact, it’s a problem many people seek cosmetic surgery to correct — in this case, it’s exactly what you want to happen. Creating scar tissue in a vein makes the vein close. Closed veins do not have a blood supply. As a result — with some time and a few repeated treatments —  the vein will eventually fade from sight. That means no more unsightly, lumpy lines. And closing the veins has no adverse effects on your cardiovascular health, so that is not a worry.

Most patients report little to no pain during this kind of treatment, though some feel a slight stinging sensation that goes away quickly. If that is a concern for you, let our plastic surgery professionals know; we can easily prevent the problem by applying a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure — no needles or anything invasive required.

The Candela Vbeam Laser treatment is also effective in treating cherry angiomas, rosacea, scars, and some lesions. We can help restore smooth, glowing skin with these non-invasive treatments.

The full number of treatments you may need depends on several factors, including the number of veins you are looking to treat. And most patients see results after only a few visits to our offices. Before your treatment, our doctors will talk to you about your specific circumstances in order to give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect and when. So give us a call today to make a consultation appointment and see if laser vein therapy is the right choice for you.

Sclerotherapy Injections

Injectable treatments for varicose and spider veins are another tool we utilize for our patients’ ease and comfort. This kind of treatment is known as Sclerotherapy and it has been in wide use since the 1930s. The process is very simple and is performed right in our office, just like with all other injectable treatments. A salt solution is injected directly into the problem vein. The blood in the vein clots and irritates the vein, causing it to become scar tissue that gradually fades from view.

This is just an overview of the injectable treatments and procedures we offer at Dermatology Associates. P.C. To learn more, call our office and schedule a consultation appointment so we can help find the right injectable for you.