A chemical peel is a great way to address visible skin imperfections. It can help minimize the appearance of mild to moderate imperfections that often come with age, sun exposure, and hormonal changes.

The great thing about this treatment is that it typically does not take much time to perform and has little to no impact on one’s social activities. Patients can expect some redness and tingling during treatment and should begin to peel about 48 hours after their treatment. Peeling varies from patient to patient depending on their skin tone, texture, and at home skin care regimen. Not all patients peel; however, they are still receiving the benefits of the peel.

Optimal results from chemical peels are usually seen with a series of peels. A series consists of 3 peels spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart. Again, this varies from patient to patient and those with stubborn skin imperfections may require a second series to treat their skincare concerns. All first-time peel patients will be required to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss their skincare concerns and review the pre-and post-care of the treatment.

If you are concerned with visible skin imperfections, such as, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots or age spots, hormonal changes in the skin such as hyperpigmentation or acne scarring a chemical peel may be right for you! Please call to schedule a complimentary consultation at our Norwood (Chapel St.) Foxboro, or Franklin location. This initial visit will allow you to ask questions, help us to assess and address your skincare concerns, and discuss your candidacy for a chemical peel to get you on track to your best skin yet! Contact us today to book an appointment to learn more!