Skin Care Resources

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Links to Learn More

We understand the skin can be a confusing thing and have found some great resources for you. Get a better understanding of the skin and its conditions, as well as how to maintain its health and how to live well. Please also ask your doctor questions you have during your visit. Knowledge is power.

The Skin Cancer Foundation – Learn about types, prevention, and treatments of skin cancers.

Melanoma Foundation New England – Learn more about this too popular form of skin cancer.

American Academy of Dermatology – Learn from the country’s leading resource in dermatology.

My Patch Link – Learn about contact dermatitis, skin allergens, and patch testing.

National Psoriasis Foundation – Learn about types, treatments, related conditions, and more.

Understanding skin cancer – Animated slides from The Skin Cancer Foundation

Please note, these tools are for better understanding of your skin and not intended to be used for self-diagnosis. We are always here to help, so please call any of our offices with questions or to schedule to see a clinician.