UltraShape Power


Experience long-lasting fat reduction without surgery or downtime with UltraShape Power at our Chapel Street location in Norwood!

Areas of stubborn body fat are common concerns for both men and women, and many of these areas are difficult to target with diet and exercise alone. At Dermatology Associates, P.C., we can help improve the definition in your abdominal area with our state-of-the-art UltraShape Power system.

If you’re ready to experience nonsurgical fat reduction without the risk or downtime of extensive procedures, contact us today to schedule a consultation in Norwood and surrounding areas.

What is UltraShape Power?

There are multiple devices in the aesthetic industry that are used to achieve long-lasting fat reduction, but only UltraShape Power uses mechanical ultrasound to target the underlying fat layer of the abdominal area. This innovative technology offers:

  • Treatments that are customized to the individual, offering adjustable settings depending on body area and shape
  • A safe and effective treatment option tested and approved by the FDA for nonsurgical fat reduction
  • Up to 32 percent reduction in abdominal fat layer thickness – the highest reduction of this area with non-invasive treatment on the market today!
  • Visible improvements in a matter of weeks without any downtime or tell-tale signs that you have undergone treatment

How Does the UltraShape Power Work?

Using a handheld ultrasonic transducer, our experienced medical team will deliver controlled pulsed focused ultrasound into the abdominal area, which bypasses the skin surface and targets the areas of fat underneath. This advanced technology targets only fat cells, meaning the nerves, blood vessels, and other vital tissues are not damaged or affected. We will ensure that the entire area is treated evenly and uniformly for optimal results.

When Will I See Results?

Typically, patients will need at least three treatments that are spaced about two weeks apart to achieve optimal results. During your consultation, our medical team will assess your health, medical history, aesthetic goals and more to help you determine if the UltraShape Power is an ideal solution for your areas of stubborn abdominal fat.

Are There Any Side Effects?

This treatment option is non-invasive and carries no downtime. Treated areas may appear slightly flushed immediately afterward, but this minor side-effect typically fades within the first day. Most patients are able to return to work and normal activities after leaving our office.

Contact Dermatology Associates, P.C., today to schedule a consultation at our Norwood office and find out how to achieve long-lasting fat reduction with the UltraShape Power!

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